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The book offers illustrations with many unique people and things. Here is a sample of the text:

Able, adventurous, and amazing--
Ants carrying acorns and angel fish gazing.
Can you find all the A words?
In an aquarium floats an A;
An anchor from a boat makes it stay.
An alligator climbs up the A.
He turns his head and looks our way.
An alarm clock rings up on top;
It's very loud and will not stop.
The A has antlers like a deer,
And an arrow shot from somewhere near.
An ace of hearts is on display,
While an arm with an ax chops the A.
An angel fish by the anemone in the water is gazing
At ants carrying an acorn and an apple--amazing!
An anteater looks around to see
The ants are working in teams of three.
An auto driving on an arced road
Will meet an ape with a heavy load.
The ape is running from the archway;
He's picked an armload of apricots today.
Acrobats performing their scary sport
Hang onto an airplane from the airport.
An asteroid floats in from space;
An astronaut plants an American flag in place.
The astronaut is safe, I hope;
He's tied to the airship with a rope.

About the Author
Sharon Crocilla is a retired art teacher having taught for 30 years with the Palm Beach County, Florida School District. She began developing her artistic abilities in her very early years and received her BFA from Northern Illinois University. Her first granddaughter's birth inspired her to write and illustrate a special children's book just for her. This labor of love turned into a year-long project with a big payoff - her granddaughter loves it and wants to read it over and over. Her newborn grandson provides further inspiration to share her love of art and literature.

Sharon's hope is that her book, ABCs in Action, will also be a favorite of parents because of its many educational components including vocabulary building, alliteration, and alphabet sequence as well as object identification.  
Limited Edition
No longer available.
Sharon Crocilla's new children's book, ABC’s in Action, combines her beautiful original art work and entertaining verse in a unique and wonderful way, weaving images with descriptive use of nouns, verbs, adjectives and adverbs for each alphabet letter. All of the action of the dozens of adorable images revolves around an oversized letter of the alphabet. The fun comes as children are challenged to match the images to the prose. ABC’s in Action can be enjoyed as a picture book, an interesting read and loads of fun for a parent and child to read together or alone. The book’s playful sense of humor comes alive in both the illustrations and the verse and makes learning the alphabet easy, interesting and fun for children of all ages while helping children connect the concept of letters, sounds and even parts of speech!  It's a great learning tool for pre-school children. ​
ABCs in Action

Good for kids of all ages 
By Emworks

I got this book based on a recommendation from a friend. I think of it like an App because of how great it looks on the ipad. My daughter is almost 5 and she likes to follow along with me reading and find the pictures on each letter page. My son is 2 and he likes to listen to the rhyming words and also just look at the different pictures. Would love to see a board book version. My friend is also making a copy of one of the illustrations to use in her son's nursery.

A Book to Keep for Generations 
By Scott Johnson

You can instantly tell this was written by and educator and the educator is very artistic. The illustrations are beautifully done! This book will help parents add to a child's vocabulary in an easy to learn format. Parents can use this with their children and pass it on to the grandchildren as time passes.
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